Information about Futsal EC 2026

24 February 2024: In 2027, the Winter Deaflympics will be held, with futsal as part of the competition programme.

The results of the European Deaf Futsal Championships in 2026 will count for the qualification of futsal teams for these Deaflympics. These Championships will also be a qualifier for the Winter Deaflympics and the timeline is one year before the Deaflympics. We therefore need to hold the European Futsal Championships earlier than in November 2026, as planned.

This is also the reason why we are sending the Form 2 now.

Please find attached forms for EDSO Futsal EC 2026:

1- Information Futsal EC 2026

2- Form 2 – Final Entry Registration Qualifiers Futsal (to be completed and sent by 15 April 2024. Please fill in the form if you are coming or NOT coming.)

3- Bid Main Round Futsal 2026 (If the number of final entry applications receives that exceed 16 teams for Men and 12 team for Women, the Main Round will be taken place).

4- EDSO Futsal Regulation – Annexe I – Main Round (Main Round is consist of 3-5 teams and to be play over the weekend (Friday – Sunday) in between 9 January – 28 April 2025).


Attached documents:

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