Deaf MTB Europacup 2016

3rd Oct 2016: Added results and two photos about the winners.

Foto: The winners Overall points 2016 men

Overall points 2016 winners – Men

Foto: The winners Overall points 2016 women

Overall points 2016 winners – Women












26th Aug 2016: Added poster, program and maps for Deaf MTB Europacup 24.-25.9.2016

27th June 2016: Added the results and overall points after three races from 1st round of Deaf MTB Europacup 2016, which was held in Kalnica, Slovakia.

Also added the posters about 2nd (at 9 – 10 July in Javorník, Hodonín, Czech) and 3rd (at 24 – 25 September in Südtirol, Italy) rounds.

Attached documents:

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