European Deaf Athletics Championships 2023

3 May 2023: 11th European Deaf Athletics Championships and 5th European Deaf Athletics Junior U20 Championships 2023 from 21 August 2023 to 26 August 2023 in Szczecin/POL and will consist of thee following 43 events (21 for men, 21 for women and 1 for mixed) and 30 events U20 (15 for men, 15 for women

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European Deaf Bowling Championships 2024

23 April 2023: The Belgian Deaf sport Committee will host the 12th European Championships Bowling in 2024. The period of time is 07 until 17 of August 2024. The championships will be held in the Bowling Stones bowling center in Wemmel (Brussels).

European Deaf Ninepin Bowling Championships 2023

12 May 2023: European Deaf Ninepin Bowling Championships Results Teams Teams-Women Teams-Men Sprint-Women Sprint-M;en Tandem-Women Tandem-Men Tandem-Women-Qualificaton Tandem-Men-Qualification 24 April 2023: Updated Bulletin No.2 and Number of competitors, team and officials. 18 April 2023: European Deaf Ninepin Bowling Championships, 8 – 13 May 2023, Straubing, Germany Bulletin No.1 Bulletin No.2 Form 1 – Preliminary Entry

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European Deaf Judo Championships 2023

09 May 2023: Official Results of the European Deaf Judo Championships are published. 17 April 2023: European Deaf Judo Championships, 4 – 7 May 2023, Sofia, Bulgaria Official Results Bulletin No.1 Hotel Form Form 1 – Preliminary Entry Registration Form 2 – Final Registration Form 3 – Name Registration EDSO Judo Technical Regulations 2023 The

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European Deaf Marathon Championships 2023

23 March 2023: Welcome to 3rd European Deaf Marathon Championships 2023 It is a great honour to arrange 3rd European Deaf Marathon Championships 2023, which will be held on 24th September, 2023 at 10.00 in Odense, Denmark. We would like to invite you to Odense for an exciting running day in September 2023. Danish Deaf

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European Deaf Golf Championships and Cup Aland 2023

15 March 2023: Updated forms and EDGC Regulations 1 February 2023: Golf was accepted into EDSO (European Deaf Sports Organisation) as a new sport to their sports events at EDSO Congress in October 2022. Formerly played open golf games thus now become European Golf Championships and additionally there will be European Deaf Golf Cup played

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EDSO Football and Futsal Ranking 2023

31 January 2023: the latest EDSO rankings in football and futsal for 2023 on date 01.01.2023 are available. There is no longer a ranking for women’s football and U21 men’s football, as European countries have not played against each other for more than 4 years.