4th Deaf MTB EC in Anhee, BEL, 5 – 13 May 2018

25 May 2018:

You will find under the following link the last video leading to the Day 8 with XCM, Closing Ceremony and banquet : http://www.deafsport.be/fr/node/726 + photos on Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/deafmtb18/

12th May results:

11 May 2018: 

10th May results:

8th May results: 

7th May results:

You will find the video regarding the Opening Ceremony from here: http://www.deafsport.be/fr/node/726

3 May 2018: Added the Bulletin #2. 

13th Feb 2018: Added the current overview of applications regarding to the 4th EC MTB.

25th Oct 2017: Added the final entry registration form. Deadline 5th November 2017! 

12th Oct 2017: Added the Bulletin #1 and 1st Entry Fee Form.

The official link to the 4th European Mountainbike Championships 2018 is : www.deafsport.be/fr/ECMOUNTAINBIKE2018
We remain at your disposal for further information to the unique address : MOUNTAINBIKE@DEAFSPORT.BE

31st Aug 2017: Added the inspection report and overview applications.

26th May 2017: Added Preliminary Entry Registration. Deadline 5th June 2017!

Attached documents:

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