UEFA Social Responsibility Annual Report 2014/2015

http://www.uefa.org/social-responsibility/index.html Please see the link, EDSO is in the annual report. Andre Brandel and Daniel Cuennet, both are member of EDSO Football Commission are attending to UEFA Europa League Final, Liverpool v Sevilla in Basle at the courtesy of UEFA. It is a very rare courtesy!

Earth Hour 2016 – UEFA video messages

Dear UEFA FSR colleagues, We’re very excited to announce that UEFA has produced official video messages featuring some huge football stars for Earth Hour 2016 (this Saturday 19th March at 8.30pm): www.uefa.org/social-responsibility/news/newsid=2342889.html We kindly ask all FSR partners to join the movement and help us make a big impact on social media. Please promote the

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1st U21 EC Football Men, Wroclaw, Poland

Updated 26th Aug 2016: Added the report about 1st U21 European Deaf Football Championship Men in Wroclaw, Poland 5 – 13 Aug 2016. Updated 13th Aug 2016: Added information from 11th and 12th Aug. Updated 11th Aug 2016: Added information from 10th Aug. Updated 9th August 2016: Added results, standings, top scorers, etc. (5th, 6th

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Football – Deaflympics Qualifier 2015-2016

Updated 25th Nov 2016: Updated Cards, Results, Standings and added Ranking. Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine and Ireland made their way to Deaflympics. Congrats to them! Updated 13th Oct 2016: Live streaming of the match GER-SWE! It starts at 12.45 CEST (10.45 UTC). Match poster added. Updated 13th Sep 2016: Last matches will be held in

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The Football Ranking (as of 1st July 2018)

It will be updated every 3 months as in 1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October. Updated 19th Feb 2019: Added the rankings as of 1st Oct 2018 and 1st Jan 2019. Updated 20th Aug 2016: Added the ranking as of 1st July 2016. Updated 9th Apr 2018: Added the ranking as of

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