1st Deaf Referee Workshop in Lisbon, POR, 1-4 Dec 2016

Hi everyone in Europe!

My name is Pedro from Portugal,

I have been refereeing in both Football and Futsal for the deaf. Over the number of year, Football and Futsal for the deaf usual run and organised by EDSO, DCL and ICSD. Deaf Referees had been involved in their competitions.

I had been thinking for the future of Deaf Referees, first is to open the workshop for the European Deaf Referees for first time.

The main objectives:

  1. Setting up the new forum of Deaf Referees for constitution and regulation on on cost of referees, allocation to European matches and other issues.
  2. Training workshop for new deaf Referees on 11 a side football in various countries using the normal referee tutor with help of the interpreter services.
  3. Same as 2 in Futsal
  4. Inviting EDSO, ICSD and DCL for regular dialogues

 The first Deaf Referee Workshop will be taken place in Lisbon, Portugal on 1-4 December 2016.

 We have programmes in place for the Workshop for all deaf Referees in Europe and members from EDSO, ICSD and DCL will be attending on the last day.

 If you know someone happen to be Referee either Football or Futsal or both, please share this information and make this workshop to become the working group.

Attached documents:

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