9th EC Volleyball 2015

Representative Bjorn Roine
TD Jan Van Den Braembussche

Dear all countries,

See attached amended rules and list the penalty fees.
The reasons are here as follows:
FIVB has recently introduced new rules for 2015 – 2016. This is especially important with the number of players on the score sheet. See 2.3
ICSD is working procedure for amending rules for audiogram (7.1.2). Therefore, we can only decide on the technical meeting on 30 June on these rules.
President Bjorn Roine replace Juha-Matti Aaltonen as responsible for the EC from the Executive Committee EDSO.
After a meeting with EDSO, the penalty fees were adjusted. See the new Annex.
I have received many questions regarding the correct outfits. See art. 4.3 from www.fivb.org/EN/Refereeing-Rules/documents/FIVB_Volleyball_Rules_2015-2016_EN_V3_20150205.pdf

Best regards,
Jan Van den Braembussche
Technical Director Volleyball EDSO

Enclosed you will find the rules and the list of the penalty fees at this EC.

The links for the 9th EC Volleyball 2015 : www.volley-sourd.fr/paris2015/en/

Attached documents:

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