8th EC Orienteering and 3rd EC Junior Orienteering in Olomouc, Czech 25.-31.7.2016

Updated 25th July 2016: The online results of the competition, please visit www.smsos.cz/edoc

Live video online, and photos, please visit www.deaf-orienteering.cz

In photos: Arrival day, accommodation at the hotel Flora and registration teams. Issuance cards of the city and the place of training. Gifts from the Organizing Committee: backpacks and t-shirts with the logos of EDOC. Photos by Jaroslav Klein.
Updated 17th July 2016: Added the final poster in Czech language.

Updated 13th July 2016: Added following things:

  1. Competition areas updated – embargoed (competitions) areas were updated, see the enclosed files (EA 1 – EA 5).
  2. Actual time schedule
  3. Preliminary course lenghts
  4. Poster – final version

Updated 22nd June 2016: Added Open Deaf Masters Orienteering registration form (NOTE: Deadline 24th June 2016!), Map to Olomouc, A letter from the Minister and the Patronage document.

Updated 9th June 2016: Name registration forms for EDOC and EJDOC.

Updated 25th May 2016: New logo.

Updated 13th May 2016: Added Final Entry Statistics.

Updated 29.2.2016: Bulletin no 1 EDOC, Logo EDOC, Hotel Flora reservation form, Letter from CDASA and Embargos 1-4.

Updated 9.2.2016: Forms of Final Entry EDOC and EJDOC 2016 in CZE, new regulations with new date and program. Please return Final entry forms by 25th February 2016!

Attached documents:

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